China and Angola

China and Angola

A Marriage of Convenience?
Edited by Marcus Power, Ana Alves


Introduction: China and Angola: a partnership for development?
Marcus Power and Ana Alves

China and Africa: from engagement to partnership
Chris Alden

China: Angola's new best friend, for now
Assis Malaquias

African Agency: Angolan political elites' management of Chinese credit lines
Lucy Corkin

China and Angola: a strategic partnership
Sofia Fernandes

China's Angolan oil deals 2003–11
Markus Weimer and Alex Vines

Taming the dragon: China's oil interests in Angola
Ana Alves

One million houses? Angola's national reconstruction and Chinese engagement
Sylvia Croese

Chinese corporate practices in Angola: myths and facts 
Amália Quintão and Regina Santos

The untold China–Angola story: the evolution of Chinese perceptions of Angola and Sino-African relations
Lui Haifang